Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reality Bites!

    So my sister challenged me to follow in her footsteps and start a blog.  Never one to shy away from a good challenge I accepted. Setting up the blog was easy, finding something worthy to write about however proved to be the real challenge! I'm told most bloggers write about what they're passionate about......problem with that concept is that as of this moment I'm finding it very hard to remember the things I am infact passionate about!! Perhaps my lack of passion has something to do with the fact that I am in the midst of a quater life crisis! Prior to entering adulthood I assumed I had at least until age 50 before I started to question my existence. Never once did I imagine that at 27 I would be sitting at a computer asking myself what the hell am I doing??

  27 always seemed so old to me.  However now that I'm here I can honestly say it looks nothing like I thought it would back when I was a 16yr old lying on my bed surrounded by posters of Leonardo DiCaprio.  I remember establishing 22 as my cut off point for making it as an actress in Hollywood.  I honestly believed that was my destiny- after a nose job or two Hollywood would come knocking, and all the people who had doubted me in the past would then marvel at my success.  Well 22 came and went and I can assure you that I am a far cry from the glittering lights of Hollywood.  So where did it all go wrong??  As of this moment I have no answer. The journey from 16 to now has gone so fast that it's hard to pin point the exact moment when reality came and bit me in the ass. 

  Growing up we are constantly encouraged to dream big, but the danger with that is that sometimes you dream soo big that the idea of a normal life just doesn't cut it anymore.  At some point you have to accept that the cold hard fact that the fantasy life u had invisioned as a teenager might be just that-a fantasy and nothing more.  So here lies my dilemma, do I give up on the pipe dreams of the past and finally accept a dignified normal existence? Or do I make a last ditch effort to ensure I avoid the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' trap . I think I'm going to change my cut off point to 32!

 Yours Faithfully